Legendary Hero 3D Hvga and Qvga


Hey guys, now I'll share a good RPG game. It's Legendary Hero 3D! It's a tower defense RPG game maybe... In this game, you must control your hero to defense tower and destroy the enemy. You can control until 3 heroes. Each hero has unique ability and each hero can have up to 4 ability. This game has large and nice map. In this game there are multiplayer mode too, so you can play with your friends! I think this game like warcraft in PC, *same with plants war that I have posted before*. Let's Try!!!

This game only can played in rooted phone!

Follow this step to install the game:
1. Install apk
2. Copy data to sdcard/android/data
3. Extract backup.zip and then copy to sdcard/titaniumbackup
4. Open titanium backup > restore/backup > legendary heroes > restore data only (if you don't have titanium backup, you can download it here)
5. Play the game!

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2 komentar:

  1. why this game cant be played,after loading this game exit to menu again,why?

  2. Are you sure that your phone have been rooted and follow the step correctly???



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