Desert Winds HD Games


Desert Winds™ Free Mini Game

Desert Winds™ is a free action adventure mini game featuring console-quality graphics made possible by Snapdragon mobile processors.

The game is set in an exotic and mystical world in another time and place. The player takes the role as the princess Amira, brought up to be an assassin after having fled the desert kingdom she grew up in as a child. Amira has now returned to her homeland and the goal of the game is to find the killer of her parents and reclaim the throne of the kingdom.
Move – Using an analog touch on the left side of the screen
Look around – Using analog touch on the right side of the screen
During the fight,
• Dodge Left/Right – Use these buttons to move around the enemy
• Attack – Use this button on screen to do different attack combos
• Block/Shield – Use the shield button on the screen to defend the attack by enemy.

Instal the both apk file then extract data to SDCard/Android/data
Download Ver 1.1:

Desert Winds apk
Desert Winds data

Note: minimum for andreno 205

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  1. Sorry gan,,nie dah ku ganti link nya...

  2. ni baru apknya gan, datanya ga ada y?

  3. Dah ku uplode datnya gan...

  4. Password Winrar Apk nya apa sob?

  5. maaf gan..jngan di download deh ni game..soalnya saya ngtes di galaxy wonder aja gak kkuat..tapi pass winrarnya keaknya gak ada...wong saya yang uploade..mohon di pilih game yang laen..maaf..

  6. wah gan..jngn game yg ini deh gan..saya aja nyesel upload..saya dh ngetes di mana2..gk bisa trus..keaknya ni game udh rusak..saya cri trus di blog orng..ttep gak ada..semua rusak..maaf gan..coba game yg laen deh..



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